Wrestle Gate Pro: Lions Spirit 2019 (Eye-Witness Review)

It was a show that would have a surprisingly huge impact on the wrestling world, and All Elite Wrestling’s debut show, Double or Nothing. And, by chance, WeAreTheUniverse.online’s Stephen Keith was there in attendance…

Wrestle Gate Pro‘s Lions Spirit 2019 was my first independant wrestling show in a number of years, and it is one I certainly will not forget. This is only the third show from Wrestle Gate Pro, but it’s already clear that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with.

As is the way for many an indie wrestling show, this was held in what was effectively a gym hall, which in turn is within the Rushcliffe Arena complex in the West Bridge area of Nottingham. However, the blank canvas is turned into a fairly pro looking setup that suitably impresses. With an intimate capacity of around 300, there is simply not a bad seat (or standing space) in the house. A good sound system, decent lighting/rigging, and a neat entrance set up give the show legitimacy, and it is clear that Gary Ward and his team are in this for the long haul, and plan to do it properly.

If all of the above didn’t show the quality of production that WGP is offering, the booking certainly did. A lot of the names were new to me due to it being so long since I’ve done a UK indie show, but several will stick with me for a long time after this, and I hope I will be seeing more of them very soon.

Gisele Shaw. I certainly hope this is not the last time I see this lady. Canadian-born, but appears to now be living and working in the U.K. Some research prior showed a ridiculous ladder spot on an Attack! Pro Wrestling (follow them on Twitter) show versus new Bullet Club member El Phantasmo (follow on Twitter). Through seeing this I made a presumption of what I was going to get, but I got so much more. Gisele’s ring work and look were fantastic, but in the end it was a mad highflying spot that finished her match and helped her pick up the win.

Robbie XI’d seen a bit of twitter chat before going into Lions Spirit, so I knew to keep an eye out for Robbie X. I already knew the name Chris Ridgeway, and the fact he was regarded as being a top wrestler at this level. My fingers were crossed that all this would add to a memorable bout, and it didn’t disappoint. Robbie X’s attack is clearly based on big momentum, and Chris Ridgeway enjoyed being the spoiler to said momentum. Some serious hard-hitting stuff in places, and Ridgeway got the win via submission. Despite this, it’s easy to see how bright the future will be for Robbie X. Wins will soon start stacking up for that man. However, please be careful with that springboard handstand attack off the ropes, couple of the counters to that looked nasty.

Moment of the night is a no brainer. I could re-tell the whole story but I am sure you have all read the madness from everyone else who has reported it in the last two days. Seeing PAC was always going to be special in this environment. However, seeing him put on a match that was meant to be seen by nearly 20,000 people in Vegas, and a global audience of millions, is something that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

When PAC claimed no one in the country was good enough to challenge him, I guess he just didn’t know a future World Champ in the shape of ‘Hangman’ Adam Page had recently flown in. These guys hit hard. It was as well rounded a match as you could ever hope to see. Aerial threat, hard-hitting attack on the ground, and even a cheeky boot to stones of the Referee from PAC. Technically, Hangman won by DQ, but footage will show he had PAC beaten, and I doubt he will let him forget that.

As I write this, we are about nine hours away from the match airing on All Elite Wrestling’s YouTube channel, so I don’t want to give anymore away than that, but please watch it! This was a match worthy of headlining most nights, never mind a gymnasium in Nottingham.

I’ll end this by saying a big well done to Gary Wardr, and his team, for putting this night together. It will certainly not be my last Wrestle Gate Pro event.

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Card / Results

M&M (Connor Mills & Maverick Mayhew) vs. Team Rising (Akira & Nick Lenders)
vs. Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo)

Gabriel Kid vs NIWA

Gisele Shaw vs Katy Lees vs Lizzy Styles

Danny Duggan vs Dean Allmark

Robbie X vs Chris Ridgeway

Cara Noir vs Bad Bones (John Klinger)

Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) vs Team Sin (Lucas Steel & Nathan Cruz)

Rampage Brown vs Shigehero Irie

PAC vs ‘Hangman’ Adam Page

Next Event:

Top Prospect/Heavyweight Grand Prix

Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham

July 6th 2019

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