Tony Khan teases AEW plans for the UK

It’s the home stretch! In 11 days, we will be preparing to watch All Elite Wrestling‘s first ever show, Double or Nothing, and with it we will see the landscape of professional wrestling forever altered. Or, at least, for a few years!

My excitement level is through the roof and, once it was revealed that ITV Box Office would be carrying the show a week Saturday, I quickly purchased it ready for the big day. One might say, I’m all in (see what I did there?).

Today, ITV released a 10 minute interview with AEW President Tony Khan, regarding the upcoming pay-per-view, and how he sees the continued relationship between AEW and ITV growing. The insinuation here was, most certainly, that AEW will be working with ITV  in the future, too, which is just huge news that I’m sure we’ll cover here at in great detail over the coming weeks and months.

Anyway, this is just a quick update to let you know that this interview exists, that it’s awesome, and that you should watch it! And because I’m quite capable of copying and pasting a URL, I’ve even put it right below for you!

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