WCW NitroSpective – An Introduction

Each week, Brent Caldwell will cover something new and exciting from a company we hear about so often, but know so little about. Read on for his introduction on what to expect!

What if I told you the most influential wrestling television show of all time went off the air eighteen years ago? What if I also told you that this show was only broadcast for a quarter of the number of years WWE Raw has been on the air?

WCW Monday Nitro made its debut on 4 September 1995. And in only a few short years, it would forever change the wrestling industry.

In this series, we will explore the multitude of ways Nitro altered the wrestling world. We’ll examine the landscape of wrestling in the mid-90s, relive highlights of the much revered “Monday Night War,” and discover the lasting impact Nitro left that can be felt to this very day.

Additionally, we’ll dive into some fantasy booking, and consider how different the world of sports-entertainment could have been had WCW and Monday Nitro not closed for business on 26 March, 2001.

We’ll also feature wrestler spotlights, the occasional full show review, and some lists, because everybody loves lists!

I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with me, as we celebrate a short-lived, but much beloved wrestling show. Welcome to We Are The Universe‘s NitroSpective!

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